About Us

SoftMediaNet is a highly differentiated IT Consulting and development services company based in Canada. It was formed with one vision in mind: to create a company that helps people increase their revenue and become more profitable through the use of Information Technology. We reach across geographies and technologies helping organizations rapidly build their business from the ground up or improve their existing business.

SoftMediaNet employs experienced consultants who demonstrate a good mix of business and technical skills. An emphasis is placed on verbal and written communications, analytical skills, and creativity.

Our team comprises of IT consultants and developers who have more than 75 years of experience between them, with many of them having worked with several Fortune 500 companies.

Our philosophy is to encourage growth, plan for work / life balance, and to share profits with our employees.

All our projects are managed in Canada with developers working from our offices in India, Russia and Sri Lanka. Wherever necessary, our developers are flown in to work on-site. Also the quality control checks for all projects executed by us are done twice - once at the development location and once again in Canada.

The advantage we offer is that we save our clients money by offering them very competitive rates since there are an abundance of highly skilled developers in the countries where we have our offices and we can employ them less cost-prohibitively. We also offer very quick turnaround time mainly because of the time difference between North America and the countries where we have offices - our developers work on your projects while you sleep!

Our core competencies include on-site and online IT consulting, software development, multimedia, B2B and B2C ecommerce, web development, web hosting, networking architecture and security solutions.

Our Challenge

We've all heard talk about how the use of computers, networks, and the Internet can 'vastly' improve our efficiency and sales. All too often when trying to turn this grand idea into a reality however, one of two things happens:

First, you can't find a company that looks at the whole picture. You'll find a whole host of companies that can install a network server, some cabling, or a generic web page, and then leave without ever answering the question: 'How do I use this system to become more profitable?' Instead, you need a company who looks at how you can save time and money with your IT system by reviewing and addressing all of your business needs and challenges together. Try to imagine first buying the engine and wheels for your car, adding the brakes later when you need to stop, and then the steering system after you need to turn. The end result would be a very expensive car in which all of the different pieces didn't work well together. The same principle applies to a computer network made from parts added on as needed, and built without an overall strategy in mind -- it's expensive and doesn't fit well together. By contrast, someone who can assist you with a little forethought and a good understanding of what is possible.

Second, you ask around and get some advice on your internal network from one person, you find another friend who can help with your web page, and yet another company that can take care of your email. To be manageable, what you need is one company that gives you not just the advice on how to do it all, but also makes it happen. Of course, that company must do the work professionally for a good price, document it, and the best methods for using the system have to be well understood by both you and your employees.

These challenges are why SoftMediaNet exists. We believe that there's no magic in using Information Technology to build a more efficient and profitable company. But we've worked hard to get there.

Price Guarantee

We take pride in all of the work that we do. Wherever possible we set expectations from the outset to insure that you know exactly what you are getting from us. You should expect high quality work for fair and reasonable rates!

Our proposals list in clear and concise detail exactly what services will be delivered, when they will be delivered, and how much it will cost. You will not be charged for mistakes or negligence caused by our consultants.

If at any time you are not satisfied with our services, just tell us and we will be happy to transition the work to whomever you choose. You will do business with us because you want to, not because you are locked in.

In addition, we propose and invoice based on what we believe to be reasonable times for given tasks. If we are responsible for spending more time to complete the tasks, you won't be charged for that time. If extra time is required due to other unforseen reasons you will be warned prior to completion of the work.

Our IT solutions utilize quality name brand hardware and software that come with years of proven reliability and recognition. By default, all of our quotes that include hardware also include the appropriate vendor supplied service contracts.

Please feel free to contact us with your enquiries - we look forward to hearing from you!