The most important aspect of any project is a needs analysis and proper planning. For this reason our primary service to all customers is consulting. In all projects we consider your specific business requirements, your return on investment, the risks, and security.

We offer a complete range of IT products and services including:
      On-site and online IT Consulting
      Software Development
      Customization and distribution of finished software packages for various business segments
      Ecommerce Web
      Intranet / Web projects
      B2B and B2C e-commerce
      Graphics design
      Development of multi-lingual products (especially in Indian languages)
      Web hosting
      Domain registration
      Search engine submissions
      Networking architecture
      Security solutions
      Outsourcing facilities
      Accurate Data entry
      Multi Language software development
     Market Refurbished Computers (mainly export)
Our project-based solutions include the following deliverables:

a clearly stated, business needs analysis that includes a value proposition, cost breakdown, and project plan complete practical documentation that includes architecture diagrams, support information, test results and disaster recovery information It is our goal to provide all of the IT related services necessary for each project. If we do not perform a specific service, rest assured that we have partnered with someone who does. We will manage our partners, from scheduling to quality assurance to billing. You only have to deal with one provider, and one invoice.

Maintenance and support

Even with a solid network design and implementation, maintenance and support are a necessity. Software patches need to be applied as appropriate, security measures must be constantly refined, and business requirements often change over time.

We always provide complete documentation for any work that we do so that there is no requirement or dependency to have us support your network

If you are satisfied with our work though; please consider one of our support contracts to help proactively maintain your network

If you are interested in any of our products or services please contact us